Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yes, you, you there I'm talking to you.

I know there are a few of you, reading this stuff. (You've told me drunkenly at parties). My cheap form of websiting as I don't have a camera man to shoot these things yet, nor can afford a url at the moment. So if you're so kind as to listen to these voices, and they make you think something, anything('Melissa has a lot of free time' 'God I've never seen the phrase 'I mean' used so much' 'I hate these people and your face', good, bad, indifferent thoughts...whatever) Give a shout back.

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meagan said...

so I have your blog as a permanent page on my iPod touch, so I can check it everyday. So whether its because you have a ton of free time or because you have an abundance of talent (I tend to believe the latter), I am thrilled to get a peek at the voices inside your head. And the fact that I am typing this on my iPod, an activity I don't love because I think the touch screen typing is sucky, just further proves my devotion.