Saturday, March 14, 2009


Becca, 24
Do you know what its like to be hungry? Like empty hungry. Hopeless hungry. Check clearing hungry. Three days. Three dollars. It’s an empty shakiness. And it doesn’t matter how you got here, or that you’re not the sort of person who gets here, cause there’s that physical fact. The hunger, the frustration in your stomach. So you dress up, and straighten your hair, and order water at the bar. And pretend. Bide your time. ‘I’m tired I should be getting home’ An hour before the subway stops. ‘Big day tomorrow’. The walk’s fine. I don’t want to be comfortable. I chose not to be comfortable. I had every opportunity, every opportunity. New clothes, mom’s car, ivy league. Never wanted for anything, I’m of able body, and able mind, and I chose this. I chose this. (This temporary artistry).
And I understand. I understand those that pretended with charge cards and mortgages, and empty homes. Because of the hunger.