Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the why

If I wrote poems I'd do that, but I am no ee. except my grammar is reckless and I hate capitalization. My phrases are too long for lyrics, too many commas, and semicolons you can't sing. And I don't love you to write a love song, and my rhymes would be all wrong. Because the truth is I'm just a Melisma, a single syllable slid up the scale. Least that's what I've been told. And reading lyrics always seems trite, unless notes are held close. Songs and poems are too contained, too cool and I am not cool. I have accepted this and am cool with this. So I will write you words, I will give you words, some from my brain others from my heart to my brain, others just wedged in between silence blank spaces I need to fill. Others to fill the silence, that sentence there was to fill the silence. And I will speak these words in your head in my voice, in your idea of my voice, my pauses, my rhythms, my stops, and goings, and redundancies repeated. And you will think my thoughts for a moment, have my thoughts swim in your head and give birth to new thoughts thought babies. Children that will quietly play blocks in a corner that you'll forget about or scream, or bellow in sing song voices, or leave with a babysitter. And for a moment, a brief moment we'll have shared something. Like a kiss with your eyes closed. where you don't quite know where all parts are going, and thoughts flutter in and out but it's just that kiss. In the moment that kiss, that word. and that kiss makes you want to kiss back, kiss differently, or to never kiss at all, but it makes you want to do something, think something, feel something, all cause of a moment. And if I wrote songs I could express this ever so much better, but I still wouldn't get kissed back.