Saturday, January 3, 2009

I want to see music

My greatest two regrets are quitting the alto saxophone in 4th grade, and not really learning to play the guitar my dad bought me. Growing up I had an imaginary band called 'Running on Empty'. Music and those who make it, amaze me.

JEREMY, 28. Stoned.
I want to write a song man. Like a song. A song is like the perfect art form. Like a story spliced with math, like a mental auditory dream. Auditory right, hearing auditory. Like pulmonary like unconscious/subconscious whatever. It’s like poetry but cool. I don’t know, it’s more open. It’s like you can say stupid shit as long as it’s put to music. I mean you can say things that sound stupid at first but really aren’t, they’re like deep. Multifasceted. So much more is just permissible. I mean I admire that. . The skill. How do we not run out of notes, note combinations. I mean I guess I don’t run out of word combination but I haven’t been talking since like the dawn of time. It’s a craft right. Like to assemble a three minute escape. Like a journey. Three minutes and you have to take someone somewhere else, to your soul in three minutes, okay sometimes 2:30 , 3:15. And who knows what they get or how they get it, or what they do while they get it. But there’s like precision to it. and art and damn man. I don’t know, talking about music is like writing about sex, or painting about food. I could tell you who gets me off or why I think they do, but until you hear it- I should just stop you know. But shit. I don’t want to be a rockstar, I just want to write one good song. Hell it doesn’t even have to be a good song.

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