Thursday, September 10, 2015

The (de) Terminator

FOR WES  (who said something like this..,)
So men are like... what's that movie? You've seen The Terminator?  No. You haven't seen The Terminator?  (I lie about seeing 'The Terminator'.) Okay, Anyway...  Men men are like the Terminator. They're not robots, but like... The Terminator is sent back in time to like kill one lady. Sarah Connor, Laura Connor... whatever her name is. And if someone gets in the way he'll kill them too. But his target is Laura Connor. This is a bad analogy, I can see you think this is a bad analogy. I'm not advocating killing women.
But it's like okay... a guy will pretty much sleep with any woman, like innately. Like in this restaurant you could go up to any guy, and most likely they'd go for it.  Even that guy. We're not that advanced. That lady over there might not be able to go up to anyone, but bare with me... The thing that stops us, you know from like humping everything is logic. The repercussions, the 'is this person my friend?' the 'do I want to see them the next morning?' 'Is this going to get messy?'  But basically we are like sexual terminators there's an ideal one and then the others. We're looking for our Laura Connor, our mark, but we'll settle for like protestor #2 if they get in our way.  No, no you shouldn't feel bad about it, you should just know that we're stupid and you have like this power. We're easy. I mean listen, you'll probably shoot me.

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