Friday, November 7, 2014

EVERYTHING (A relationship in two pages.)

HER: Well,I want you to tell me everything.
HIM: Everything?
HER: Yeah.
HIM: Everything is a lot.
HER: Okay.
HIM It’s just---
HER: No you’re right.
HER: Okay maybe part of everything, maybe I don’t want to know everything.
HIM: Which part?
HER: I don’t know.  Don’t you want to…
HIM: I mean, sure, yes. I don’t know. I guess.
HER: You guess?
HIM: I mean I just thought I’d know what, you told me, when you told me. What's the rush? 
HER: Yeah, but how much time do we have?
HIM: As long as we want.
HER: But what if I want less time than you, or you want less time than me?
HIM: Should we think about that now?
HER: No. Not yet. 
HIM: And I’m going to get new everything, I mean I’m going to live, my life. And you are too. I hope. 
HER: Yeah, I’d assume so. Hope so. 
HIM: But I do want to know things. Like the things you want to tell me.
HER:  Are you just saying that? Like what?
HIM: Like whatever you want to tell me.
HER: But that’s like a setup.
HIM: What?
HER: It’s like you playing a game to find out what it is I want you to say that you want me to tell you.
HIM: I don’t...that sentence was confusing-
HER: I mean if you want to know something ask. Ask for what you want. 
HIM: Yeah, but that’s a game too.
HER: Okay so it’s all a game then all of it.
HIM: You mean this? Us?
HER: Is there an us?
HIM: No. I don’t know. Do you think there is?
HER: I asked you first.
HIM: Okay, let’s table that. The us thing.
HER: Sounds good.
HIM: Good...Okay, so it’s a game.
HER: I mean I guess so.  I mean we could gather all this information and it could go nowhere. We could know all these things and for nothing. 
HIM: Like the fact I know my ex girlfriend hated socks.
HER: Yes, right. Like that.
HIM: And beards.
HER: I hate beards.
HIM: You do?
HER: Yeah.
HIM: So I’m going to have to shave.
HER: No, it’s your face.
HIM: But you’d like it better if I shaved.
HER; I'd like your face regardless. It's not my face. 
HIM: But it’s better shaven?
HER: I just don’t know why you’d hide it, but it's your face.
HIM: It’s not hiding it’s adding.
HER: It could be hiding pock scars. A lot of times people have beards to hide pock scars. 
HIM: Do you see pock scars?
HER: It’s your face. I don’t want to make decisions about your face.
HIM: But you have a preference.
HER: It hurts.  If you had to kiss a beard it would hurt.
HIM: So if I want to kiss you I have to shave?
HER: This is what I meant about only sharing part of everything. You have to build up to this stuff. 
HIM: Right.
HER: So what I was saying those facts…
HIM: The beards and the socks?
HER: Yes the beard and the socks are just taking up space in your head and you’re never going to use them.
HIM: Right, there’s not like an ex pop quiz.
HER: Right, so maybe I was wrong maybe I shouldn’t know anything.Don't tell me anything. 
HIM: So now you want to know nothing?
HER: I don’t know.
HIM: But what would we talk about?
HER: We’re talking now?
HIM: Yeah, but we’re talking like robots we’re talking like Mamet characters.
HER: You like David Mamet?
HIM: Sometimes.
HER: You know who David Mamet is?
HIM: I’m not a moron I know who David Mamet is.
HER: That’s sweet.
HIM: Good. It's not pretentious?
HER: No, it's sweet, smart.
HIM: Oh. 
HER: I like socks by the way. I mean who doesn’t like socks.  They’re like a necessity if you have feet. 
HIM: I’m glad you like socks.
HER: Thanks. 
HIM: What I’m saying is we have to know something.
HER: Even if it’s pointless?
HIM: Incase it’s not.
HER: And when will we know if it’s not…pointless.
HIM: At the end I guess? We won’t know until the end.
HER: Right.
HIM: And we won’t know everything...

HER: We can’t.
HIM: Should we order.
HER: I think so.

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