Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Apparently when I leave Brooklyn I turn into Nordic Larry David; A Play in One Act

There are moments when you realize that you are not as mature as people perceive you to be. 

A Conversation with a Tribeca Mom,  while walking the dog  *

Me: So do you work in the area?
Lady: Oh no I'm just waiting. Going with my daughter on a class field trip -we're walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. 
M: That's great. Cold day for it.  You going to go to Patsy's after?
L: Nooo they don't let them eat that. 
M: ...Right. 
L: Yeah. My daughter goes to PS150 over there. 
M: How old is she? 
L: Seven.
M: Oh that's great. 2nd grade? Does she like it?
L: We love it. She could have gone to 234 but we like 150. 234 is good but 150 is comparable to Hunter, or  Chapin, Brearley...Fieldston.
M: ...Totally... That's good to hear about the public schools in New York. I think about that sometimes. 
L: Oh yeah. We're really happy. Do you have kids?
M: No, but I like them...(strange look) 
Or would like  to have them (stranger look)...come out of me someday...(Even stranger look) 
I mean I'm not there yet, but someday I will be there, or here... or wherever I am.  
L: ...Yeah you don't seem like you'd have kids. 
M: Yeah... After conversations like this apparently not..ha...but hopeful...very very hopeful.... Only takes one right? 
                               (Joke not accepted.)
M: Well, nice meeting you, have a great field trip at the bridge. Don't jump!
 (Another awkward look as the dog sits there and refuses to go as I pull him.)

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